Wilson's Hospital School Jan. 16-18, 2020
Open to students Year 1-5




Don’t miss out on the most exciting and educational performing arts workshop in the country! The Young Americans Performing Arts Workshop is making a stop in your hometown to work with you for 3 days!

What can you look forward to? Each Young Americans Performing Arts Workshop brings an incredible combination of energy, teamwork, and confidence, using music as the tool. The college-aged cast of specially-trained performers/teachers provides a safe and exciting atmosphere for you to learn, create, and grow! This comprehensive performing workshop includes everything from vocal and dance training to full stage performance.

After two days of intensive performance instruction, it’s show time! This show is jam-packed with choral, musical theatre, rock n’ roll, and more! The Young Americans cast of 25 perform the first act as a gift for your community. During the second act, you and your friends will be the stars! You will be the one singing, dancing, and performing the show and solos you’ve learned in just three days with support from The Young Americans. For more information, go to






Location • Wilson's Hospital School
3:45 PM ›› Students Arrive & Check-In

4:00 PM ›› Workshop Begins • We’ll begin by meeting The Young Americans with a performance. Family and friends are invited!
6:00- 7:00 PM ›› Dinner Break • Bring a packed dinner
9:00 PM ›› Workshop Ends • Family and friends are invited to join us the last ten minutes for a sneak peek of what the students learned today!


Location • Wilson's Hospital School
9:00 AM ›› Students Arrive & Check-In
9:15 AM ›› Workshop Begins
12:00- 1:00 PM ›› Lunch Break • Bring a packed lunch
1:00 PM ›› Workshop Resumes
6:00 PM ›› Workshop Ends


Location • Wilson's Hospital School
3:00 PM ›› Students Arrive & Check-In
3:15 PM ›› Workshop and Dress Rehearsal 
5:30- 6:45 PM ›› Dinner Break • Bring a packed dinner
6:45 PM ›› Students Return to Designated Area
6:30 PM ›› Doors Open • Tickets on Sale
7:00 PM ›› Act 1 Begins • The Young Americans
7:50 PM ›› Intermission
8:05 PM ›› Act 2 Begins • The YAs & the students
9:15 PM ›› Show Ends






Location: Wilson's Hospital School

Dates: January 16-18, 2020

Age Range: Open to Students Years 1-5

Registration: €65 per student • Includes a tour t-shirt (costume for the show) and registration for 16 hours of performance, dance, and vocal workshops. Students will be allowed to collect signatures on their shirt after the performance from The Young Americans cast and their friends.

Pick-up, Drop-off, or Is your student in a conflicting activity? We realize families may need to drop-off students late, pick-up early, or have students participating in a conflicting activity. Please let a cast member know about your situation so that they can teach your student what they’ve missed during any portion of the event.

Meals: Participants should bring a packed lunch for every meal break.

Show Tickets: Tickets will be sold for the final show at the end of the workshop day & 30 minutes prior to the performance. We want to stress the importance of purchasing tickets before the show day to ensure you have a seat. As a reminder, your student(s) that are in the workshop do not need a ticket.

ADULTS ›› €12 & STUDENTS ›› €6

WE NEED HOST FAMILY VOLUNTEERS: We need your help to host two or more Young Americans during this event. Be one of 3,000 families across the world opening their doors to this amazing experience! The Young Americans are coming to our community. As a non-profit organization, they rely on families, like ours, to help house their touring group as they do their community outreach. Please consider opening your home for two or more cast members. Host families have helped house over 3,000 Young Americans in 25 countries. It’s really one of the most rewarding aspects for the workshop participants and their families. You can volunteer during the registration process.







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